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We are an ambitious regeneration business with generations of history, heritage and expertise
in our DNA. First established in 1971, Peel L&P is now responsible for some of the most transformational
development projects in the UK today.

Owning and managing 12 million sq ft of property and 20,000 acres of land and water,
our holdings are concentrated in the north west of England but we also own and manage
significant assets throughout the UK with a total portfolio value of £2.6 billion.

As a part of the Peel Group; we are integral to a business that strives to make a positive
impact on people’s lives

Our legacy matters. We take great pride in the outcomes we achieve, the people we work with,
the way we go about our business and the transformational projects we deliver.

Our specialist teams have a proven track record in delivering high-quality, legacy projects
across land, property, water and airspace. This includes airports, hotels, waterways,
media hubs, event spaces, leisure facilities, retail, workspaces, residential development,
industrial & logistical space, public realm, historic gardens and the renewable energy sector.

Peel L&P is an agile and ambitious business with a legacy of success for a long-term, sustainable future.

We see possibility. We deliver transformation.

For more information visit: peellandp.co.uk or follow us on Twitter @PeelLandP